Thursday, June 17, 2010


I had just pulled a giant blanket out of the dryer, when Ryan sensed its cozy goodness. So he came running full speed on the hardwood floor in his socks and slipped hitting his side on the floor. When I asked him where he got hurt he replied "My Thorax." Maybe we've been reading too much James and the giant peach.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another good one!

The things that come out of this child's mouth....

Today Ryan was giving me a very hard time in Walmart about not getting what he wanted. So tonight Marshall, Ryan, and I were talking about saving money.

I said: Ryan do you know what it means to save money?

He replied: Yeah like when money falls or gets lost you have to save it.

Uhhh not exactly.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quality Conversation

While Marshall has been MIA, Ryan has been able to take his much coveted spot on the bed. So the little man and I have had some of the best conversations the past couple of nights.
I asked him a pretty leading question about god and he came up with the best answer ever.

"Hey Ryan Why did God send us here to Earth"
"because if he didn't we would have to live on a rocket ship"

Friday, February 26, 2010

Working Moms

Work makes me a better Mom.
Why you ask?
Take today for example, Brianna pooped her pants on the way to Pocatello from Blackfoot.
That's not so bad you say!
Oh yeah, she was wearing a night gown!!! It wasn't pretty!
Now you agree with me.
Now if I were still at home with her she would probably still be crying and I would still be yelling. However, currently I am at work and thinking that the experience was just a tiny bit funny.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

How my mind works.

For all of you who wanted a Shawna eyed view (I know that is most of you, especially you Cindy.)

So here goes.... Marshall told me he was going on a dirt biking trip with his buddies from work for five days in Nevada. My first thoughts were good for him, he's got friends. I actually thought this sincerely so I get points for that. My next thought was he deserves this because he works hard and has put in so much overtime this last year. I also get points for that. However seconds later I had the epiphany and it was not a good epiphany. So if Marshall gets to go on a trip with his buddies sans responsibility... WHAT DO I GET!!!
I tried so hard to put this out of my mind, SO HARD. Unfortunately selflessness is not an endearing quality of mine. So I let it sink in a few days trying really hard to argue Marshall's side.
1. He works a 50 hour week sometimes more.
2. He never takes vacation time, he needs a break.
3. He has never gone on a trip like this before.
4. He normally lets me go dirtbiking with him and doesn't complain about me not being very good.
5. He's a great husband and father!
So I got by for a little while thinking Marshall deserves this, unfortunately it was only a little while. The minute I started arguing a side for Marshall my all too cunning instincts kicked in and said what the heck, you should be arguing for yourself.
My selfish Shawna said
1. I work a 30 hour week and come home and work a 138 hour week.
2. I never take vacation time, but I beg Marshall to so we can go somewhere as a family, because I need a break.
3. I have NEVER gone on a trip like that before, but if I did I am sure it would include kids and diapers and yelling and lots of laundry when I finally came home.
4. I have been pregnant the last 2 dirt biking seasons so reason four lost a lot of credibility. And I'm really a pretty good rider, sort of, for a wife at least, okay maybe not.
5. This reason was hard to argue, but occassionally Marshall made it very easy to argue. I won't go into those details on a public blog, however I will in the church foyer (two very similar entities.)

So my mind got the best of me but I still had a trump card. I would let Marshall plead his case. So a couple nights before Marshall was to leave I played him. I said that we should come up with ideas on how to make our relationship fair without having to resort to score taking. For one because I could never afford to keep up with Marshall (he'll rib me for this one), and second because I once heard that sefishness was the third leading cause of divorce. He ended up failing miserably and I mean miserably. In fact by the end I had a lot more reasons for me going to Nevada than Marshall.

Funny thing is I didn't care to argue about Marshall going on a trip or anything else I just wanted to hear him tell me I was a great wife and mother and that he loved me and that it was warranted how I felt....

Ahhh who am I kidding, I wanted him to tell me I was a bigger person than he was AND I wanted to go to Disneyland.

but really I hope you have fun hunny! Just remember I now have more points.